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SpielWerk Toys is a place to play, meet neighbors, make new friends, and get your hands on healthy toys. In our eyes, healthy toys are like medicine. The intentions behind these toys and how they're made brings health to children in their development. Despite our best efforts to source the most economical quality toys as possible, the fact is, our toys are an investment. We want every child to have access to healhty toys, so as part of our mission to serve our community, we do everything we can to make our toys accessible to everyone. We supply toys to teachers, schools, day care centers, therapists at discount––you may even find our toys in your doctor's office, local coffee shop or favorite pub as part of our outreach efforts. Please read on to see how we can better serve you. 

Photo credit: Posy Quarterman

Local Customers

To our local customers we offer a full-service retail shop with a welcoming, knowledgeable sales staff eager to talk toys, kids, and open-ended play. We geek out about this stuff––so don't hesitate to ask us about what we love!


If you've been by the shop you know we have an enourmous play area just brimming with toys to play with while you shop. We also participate with shop local incentives such as Supportland, Chinook Book coupons, NW Kids Magazine and other various medias. 


Future services to our customers include bike delivery, consultation, custom toy and playscape production.


Smiles are free and available everyday!

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Schools, Day Cares & Non-profit Programs

One of our favorite ways to work with kids is to supply toys to our community of schools and educational programs. We recognize the investment it takes to bring quality playthings to children in any educational environment, and opt as part of our mission to contribute to the quality of kids' play experience by offering programs to our local schools, community centers, urban day care centers, commercial play parks, parent-led play co-ops, non-profit programs and more. 


For qualifying facilities and programs we offer consultation, custom ordering, bulk buying and commercial purchasing rates. Additionally, we donate to school fundraisers and charitable orginizations whenever we can, and offer private shopping parties as part of our '10% for Schools' program. 


Future services to this community include bike delivery, custom toy and playscape production.


Teachers & Therapists

Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops.

––Henry Brooks Adams


Quite frankly, we think teachers are the backbone of humanity. Parents, family, neighbors... every passing stranger will influence and shape a childhood, but no one more than children's teachers. Teachers have immense power and lasting affect on the kind of human beings our children will become.


This is why we make serving teachers and child therapists a central part of what we do. We all know how much time and energy these people devote to their students and patients, but not everyone knows how much financial contribution they make out of their own pockets to their classrooms and therapy rooms.


Currently we give all teachers and therapists 5% off every purchase toward their practice, and as our business grows, we look forward to extending more courtesy to this community.

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