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SpielWerk Events

At SpielWerk Toys, we like to have fun. We built a play area in the front of our shop where everyone is welcome to play and explore. We also hold special events. We may have a WerkShop or Craft Social one week, host an artist or a puppet show another... musicians may gather, and if you call ahead, we might even be able to supply your playdate with a big ball o' homemade play dough––free of charge. 


The other half of our mission at SpielWerk is to inspire children to make toys––to engage with their surroundings and put things together to not only make their own playthings, but realize how to make their world better. Through our WerkShops and Craft Socials we werk with kids making toys drawing on the concepts of innovative science, upcycling, and awareness of their natural resources. Kids can build amazing things, with their very own two hands. Through craft and play we're inspiring awareness of the needs of the world and the confidence and skills to build to their little hearts imagination. Here at SpielWerk we say dream big! We can build a better world.

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